Message from the Director

Across the country, our inability to ensure high levels of learning for all children of all races persists. Achievement levels for children of color remain predictable, inequitable, and disparaging. The 2017 National Assessment of Education Progress reported that achievement gaps are “still very large” and although they have, on average, been closing, “they are doing so very slowly, compared to their current size” (Center for Education Policy Analysis, 2017).

Now, more than ever, we are faced with an urgency to change the achievement trajectory of children. This urgent challenge motivated us to design and offer professional development through the Center of Engaged Leadership at Minnesota State University, Mankato, such as the Institute for Courageous Principal Leadership and the Institute for Courageous Teacher Leadership. In partnership with P-21 school leadership, we provide continual professional engagement focused on changing the achievement trajectory for all children but especially of children of color.

I invite you to join our community of scholars, practitioners, and school leaders committed to advancing student achievement in Minnesota public schools through the development of racially courageous, conscious, and capable school leaders.

Melissa Krull, Ph.D.