Institute for Courageous School and District Leadership


The Institute for Courageous School and District Leadership at Minnesota State University, Mankato in Edina offers a solution—a two-year program that develops accomplished and courageous leaders. Our graduates are interrupting the processes that perpetuate predictable achievement patterns.  

Vision for the Institute 

The Institute for Courageous Principal Leadership is committed to developing principals as they hone their practice and significantly improve student achievement. In an era of unprecedented educational challenges, the Institute is committed to the continuous development of principals to lead with fearlessness, skill, self-knowledge, and racial competence so that under their leadership, EVERY child fully achieves.  

The Mission for the Institute 

The mission of the Institute is to advance student achievement in school districts through the continuous development of courageous and results-driven principal leaders who demonstrate a desire to lead with a moral imperative. The focus of the Institute is to guide principals, so that achievement, teaching, and participation gaps are eliminated for all students.  Leaders will cultivate their ability to create a school culture where every student is fully engaged, educated, and included. 

Contact Us

For Information about the Institute for Courageous Leadership Contact:

Melissa Krull, Ph.D.  |  Email or call 952-818-8864

Candace Raskin, Ed.D.  |  Email or call 952-818-8881