College of Education Strategic Direction


To inspire lifelong learning and professional engagement through racial consciousness, social justice, and inclusion within a global context.


To prepare professionals through research and evidence-based practices who demonstrate excellence in their profession.

Core Values:

Minnesota State University, Mankato is an innovative, student-centered learning community that values:

  • Integrity and respect in the way we conduct ourselves;
  • Diversity in who we are and what we do;
  • Access to our programs and services that create opportunities for all to pursue their dreams;
  • Responsibility to those we serve by providing an education that inspires solutions to society's challenges; and
  • Excellence in our academic and non-academic pursuits.

Strategic GOALS:

  • Inform decision-making through intentional integration of student needs and student development.
  • Increase the ability to practice racial equity among faculty, staff, students, and partners by examining existing systems and structures.
  • Provide infrastructure and resources to achieve excellence in advising, teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Use assessments, data, and research to support decisions and initiatives for program development and accreditation.
  • Expand opportunities for students, faculty and partners to address social justice through engagement with local, regional, national, and international communities.

Conceptual Framework:

  • Collaboration: College of Education faculty and staff, along with partner districts, work together for a common purpose: to graduate proficient professionals with a strong sense of students, schools, communities, and society.  EDUC275OT_Conceptual_Framework_NoText (002).jpg
  • Connectedness: Students, schools, communities and society are joined together and linked coherently within a global context; each one vital to the success of the collective group.
  • Research: Rigorous scholarly investigation conducted and shown to improve the outcomes for all learners. 
  • Pedagogy: A set of practices fundamental to support student learning; evidence based practices, culturally relevant strategies, and high leverage practices. 
  • Racial Consciousness: The understanding of the uniqueness of race; the physical characteristics, history, culture, and traditions of a group of humans, and the differentiated impact race has on systems and structures. 

Current COE Conceptual Framework