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Elementary & Literacy Education

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The Minnesota State University, Mankato Elementary & Literacy Education department offers a premier 21st-century teacher education experience for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Department of Elementary and Literacy Education 
328 Armstrong Hall 
Minnesota State University, Mankato 
Mankato, MN 56001 
Phone: (507) 389-1516 

Career Opportunities

With a B.S. in Elementary Education, you can thrive in...

  • Elementary schools
  • Education sector

With an M.S. in Elementary Education you can be…

  • Intervention teacher
  • STEM coordinator
  • Instructional coach
  • An innovative leader in content and pedagogy within your school

Elementary Education BS

Providing students with the preparation necessary to become effective, culturally responsive teachers at the elementary level.

Elementary Education MSComputer screen.

The MS in Elementary Education program is an asynchronous online program that prepares in-service, licensed K-12 teachers from around the world to be leaders in the field of elementary education. 

Elementary Math Pedagogy GCComputer screen.

An asynchronous online program designed to provide educators with the fundamental pedagogies for teaching mathematics in elementary schools.

Elementary Education STEM CERT

Provides teacher candidates with the preparation needed to become effective Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers at the elementary level.

Middle School Communication Arts Literature Minor

Program Requirements for the Middle School Communication Arts & Literature Minor.

Elementary and Literacy Education Faculty and Staff

View the faculty and staff of Elementary and Literacy Education in the College of Education

COE Learning Communities

Become a future teacher! In this learning community, future elementary teachers develop an understanding of teaching and professionalism through learning experiences. You will experience targeted academic advising, develop a sense of community and commitment, and begin to understand the profession.

Master of Science in Elementary Teaching OnlineComputer screen.

The Master of Science in Elementary Teaching Online is a flexible online program that will be completed in a cohort format with other professionals.