College of Education Learning Communities

College of Education students have multiple Learning Community opportunities. Learning Communities support academic success by allowing students to take classes with others in the community, providing a peer mentor to plan activites and study sessions, allowing students to pre-registration in approved courses, and allowing first-year students to live on campus around others working towards the same success.

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Exploring Teaching Careers Learning Community

Do you have a passion for education? In this learning community, future secondary education and special education teachers develop an understanding of teaching and professionalism. You will develop a sense of community and commitment, and begin to understand the profession of teaching. You will begin your racial equity journey, which is the foundation of the College of Education program. 

Exploring Teaching Careers Learning Community

Elementary Education UpperClass Learning Community

The Discover the Classroom: Elementary Education Learning Community experience continues the commitment to "campus and career connectedness." In this learning community, you'll receive intensive academic advising to prepare for admission to the Elementary Education major, develop a sense of community and commitment to the profession of education and continue to develop an understanding of the knowledge, dispositions, and skills needed for teaching elementary-aged students.

Second year Elementary Education Learning Community

Aviation Learning Community

Do you have a passion for flying? The Aviation Learning Community is for students who have a shared interest in Aviation and want to take courses together during their first year on campus. Learn more about how an Aviation Learning Community may be a great fit for you! 

Aviation Learning Community 

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