Licensure Types

We can help assist and provide assistance in licensure with many different types of situations and state transition situations. Learn more below or contact us for more information.

Before you go through the application process, please note that you may not qualify for licensure. Students are qualified for licensure on the date of graduation, but unfortunately standards for teaching evolve and change. Therefore, you may have to take additional coursework, testing, and/or other requirements in order to meet current standards.



  1. *Email Scott Page in the K-12 & Secondary Programs (KSP) department with a full explanation of your circumstances. Attach a copy of your transcripts for evaluation of your coursework.
  2. Once your KSP coursework and licensure area course work is evaluated, you will be contacted with information on your licensure qualification and any additional courwork you may need. Allow 4 weeks or longer for the evaluation to be completed.

*Special Education applicants will follow the same process as above but instead email the program contact for their licensure area. Make sure to include all of the following, click here.

*Elementary Education majors will follow the same process as above but instead email Karen Colum



If your course work is older than 7 years OR you completed student teaching more than 10 years ago, it may no longer be valid. This cannot be officially determined until your coursework is evaluated when you apply for licensure.


If you did not follow steps one and two to confirm that you have all the coursework needed to qualify for licensure, you will be responsible if your payment to PELSB is forfeited. You will still need to have your coursework evaluated and if it is determined that you do not qualify for licensure, your application and materials will be returned to you. 


Officially Applying for Licensure 

Before you apply for licensure, ensure you have completed the following:

  • Update yourself on testing requirements and determine if you have met them. Visit our MTLE webpage for more information. 
  • Complete any courses or requirements that both KSP and the Content Advisor have instructed you on 
  • Complete all your licensure exams


Licensure Application Process

PELSB will indicate what you need to do for licensure. They may say that you need to contact a university for licensure. If you have chosen Minnesota State University, Mankato for licensure, follow these steps:

  1. Find the specific contact in your licensure area.
  2. Email the contact with a full explanation of your circumstances. Make sure to attach a copy of all your transcripts for evaluation of your coursework. Allow 4 weeks or longer for the evaluation to be completed.

Getting Started

  • Many states will require an Institutional Verification Form. If so, they will provide it to you as part of their application process.
  • Some states have an online system. You will need to be familiar with their system.

This process can take 4 weeks or longer depending on the time of year. 



It is recommended that you first apply for your Minnesota Licensure. Often times the University cannot sign off on the verification form without you first receiving a Minnesota Teaching Licensure. This depends on the state you are applying to. This will also protect you for future life changes. You do not need to keep your Minnesota Teaching Licensure current. We can sign off on out-of-state forms as long as PELSB has record that you were licensed. This does not always apply and depends on your area of licensure and the state in which you are applying. If you completed the program more than four years ago, view the instructions at the top of this page.


Application Process

Send requests via email or mail for out-of-state licensure to: 


Attn: Mari

College of Education Dean's Office

118 Armstrong Hall

Mankato, MN 56001
Include the following:
  1. Your University Tech ID#, an eight-digit number that is also listed as your Student Campus ID and on your transcript. 
  2. Your MN File folder number if you were licensed in Minnesota. 
  3. What area of licensure you are applying for.
  4. The semester you completed your program
  5. If you've had a name change
  6. The state's verification form (if applicable). Make sure you fill out the portion of the form that requires your personal information. Generally, this is the top of the form. We will mail the signed form to wherever the form indicates. Some states want it mailed to the applicant while others want it mailed it directly to the state agency.